Important dates in the history of the priory

Prehistory: many dolmens erected in the area
4th century: creation of the order of canons
395 : Saint Augustin appointed bishop of Hippone (Bône in Algeria)
10th century : establishment of a Knight Temple order
1059 : canons split into two orders : seculars and regulars

12th century : the Camino of Santiago de Compostela passes no more through Laramière but through Rocamadour
1145 : Bertrand de Grifeuilles creates the priory
: Bertrand de Grifeuilles leaves the priory to the order of Saint Augustin regular canons
13th century : building of a new fortified monastery
1244 : visited by Louis IX (Saint Louis) and his mother Blanche de Castille
1368 : The English are expelled on order of King Charles V
1381-1385 : Ratier and his men from Puylagarde sack the priory
15th century : Bishop Jean de Castelnau occupies the priory and dies there
1588-1589 : Calvinists' occupation
1589 : Antoine de Bournazel, seneschal of Rouergue delivers the priory
january 1661 : the Jesuit fathers from Toulouse take possession of the priory
1762 : the Jesuits are banned
1793 : Citizen Joseph Alexandre Bergeron buys the priory during the French Revolution
1846 : The priory is sold in four sections
1840-1856 : the southern main building is extended by several small ones

1928 : registered at the I.S.M.H. (historical monuments)
1960 : deserted priory covered by vegetation
1974 : the new owners, M. and Mme Touvet, start its restoration, followed by others who try to bring it back to life and open it up to the outside world
2004 : the Camino of Santiago of Compostela goes through Laramière again